The 13 Best Holiday Tech Gifts for Her 2018

The holidays are in full swing and it’s time to shop for the special women in your life. Whether you want to splurge on her or are looking to stick within a budget, we have some tech recommendations for you. Let us save you the trip to those busy malls and retail stores with these tech gifts below.

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1. Kindle E-Book Reader

The Kindle is back with a new flat design. The backlight feature makes it a good e-reader for indoor or outdoor relaxing. Also it’s now waterproof! If you find it relaxing to read near water like the lake, beach, or even the pool, the new kindle will work for you.

2. Amazon Echo Dot

Smart speakers are a favorite this time of year which is why we are including the echo dot. It reads news articles, plays music her favorite playlists, help with her shopping, and control smart home devices in a compact and attractive package. If the sound doesn’t get loud enough for her, no problem. She can hook it up to an external speaker for a better experience.

3. Tile Trackers

Is your significant other always misplacing her keys or wallet? Help her out by getting her some Tile Trackers. They work like a find my iPhone in the sense that it locates your misplaced items like a GPS tracker. Tiles come in different sizes like the Tile Pro or the Tile Mate. The next time she misplaces her belongings, just fire up the Tile app to find them.

4. REM-Fit Zeeq Smart Pillow

The Rem-Fit Zeeq Smart Pillow is pretty awesome. With 8 built in speakers, you can stream music and ebooks wirelessly from your phone or other bluetooth device. It can also track sleeping and if she happens to keep you up at night, the smart pillow gently vibrates to encourage her to change to a different position.

If that wasn’t cool enough, this smart pillow is IFTTT, smart home, and echo compliant, has a smart alarm, music sleep timer, and adjustable foam filling that you can remove to personalize the comfort of the pillow. 

5. Kodak Phone Photo Printer Dock

For the photo taking love of your life. the Kodak Phone Photo Printer Dock is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You can print 4×6 photos directly from your phone with this portable printing dock. It also has a USB port for printing from a Digital Camera, or USB Memory.

6. Apple Watch Series 4

For the one who is all about Apple! If she hasn’t gotten on board with Apple Watch yet, this will be the watch to get her. This waterproof smart watch now has a new and subtly sleeker design with a slightly larger screen. They still kept the bluetooth only and cellular devices. 

For the most part the features are the same as previous generation watches however it has a couple new features the new ECG feature and fall detection. ECG is capable of sensing your heart rate while fall detection will monitor your vitals after a fall and if it senses an emergency, will give off an SOS.

7. Bluetooth Speaker

Since streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music are pretty much apart of our daily lives, you can’t go wrong with enhancing that experience with a bluetooth speaker. The top speaker we recommend is the Sonos One Smart Speaker. It uses Amazon Alexa and has the same functionality as an echo (in case the echo dot doesn’t suit her) but it’s geared for the music lover. With six microphones tucked inside, it has no problem hearing voice commands from any direction. The sound quality is great and you can sync multiple Sonos speakers together for house parties and get togethers. 

8. iPhone XR

The iPhone XR is Apple’s latest affordable offering in the smartphone market. Although there are a bunch of models to choose from this year, the XR is the go to iPhone to jump in to Apple’s ecosystem under $1,000. It looks and feel like the iPhone X and XS however, the different materials used to build the XR allows it to qualify for the “budget” smartphone category. 

It doesn’t have the dual camera setup like it’s older brothers (or sisters 😉 ) but it still provides the same experience. Plus it comes in a bunch of fun colors!

Other Retailer: Apple

9. Selfie Ring Light

A great accessory to go with that shiny new iPhone we just talked about above. This compact selfie ring light uses two AAA batteries and clips on the top of your smartphone. Once done, she can slide it into her purse or suitcase and be on her way.

10. Wireless Headphones

A set of wireless headphones are perfect for her whether she wants a quick pair to throw on the listen to music or if she needs a new set of headphones for her workouts. For wireless headphones we recommend the Ghostek SoDrop 2.0. The sound quality is actually really good for a pair of headphones under $100 and they come in a few attractive colors. 

For that workout enthusiast, we recommend the Jaybird X4. It comes in black, glacier white, or jade, and has an inline control to manage music playback options. It also has an app that allows you to customize your own EQ settings or try out another users settings. As for battery life, it will depend on the user but it’s estimated to be around eight hours.

If she want’s to have a truly wireless experience the Jabra Elite Active 56t may be a great option. Like the Jaybird X4, they also have the ability to tune the EQ settings. To charge the buds, you get a charging case that is small and compact and a charging cable to charge the case.

All of theses headphones are able to answer calls, connect wirelessly through bluetooth, are waterproof, and come with extra earths for different ear types.

11. Macbook/Air

Need to replace her years old laptop for a sleek and faster machine? The new MacBook Air may be the laptop for her. The MacBook Air line is great for most people who want to get into Apple’s laptop scene without having to spend an arm and a leg to do it. It provides enough power to handle the majority of general tasks provided that you don’t need any serious graphic or processing performance. Plus it comes in a great gold color!

Other Retailers: Apple

12. The Away suitcase

If your honey likes to travel, the Away Carry-On luggage is will be a great tech gift. It has a built-in battery to charge your phone and portable devices, and it’s compliant with TSA regulations making it a breeze through security. With an unbreakable polycarbonate shell, 360 degree wheels, and interior compression, this will make her travel belongings safe and secure.

13. Instant Pot

If she doesn’t have one yet, now’s the chance! This Instant Pot can cook everything from soup and chili, to yogurt and everything in between. The inner pot uses no chemical coating so there’s no fears of unhealthy stuff getting into your food. Overall this is a great user-friendly pressure cooker that is also considerate to everyone’s budget.